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Projects have included Palatial Arabic interiors, a state-of-the-art airship and even baby buggies, giving us experience of working on a diverse range of visualisation projects. We always try to build flexibility into our projects, as marketing and presentation needs will often evolve and a set of stills can develop into a fully fledged animation.

Good animation starts with thorough planning; every project is storyboarded and a “block model” version produced for client approval prior to full production. We see this as story telling, creating mood content and communication about the client’s concept.

We have an extensive render farm, enabling us to respond to tight deadlines even on the most complex projects. All animation projects are now authored to DVD with titles and menu and the option of various presentation formats.

There is often the requirement to blend existing elements in a photograph with new ones, it could be as simple as colour or surface material changes, or as complex as blending a new building into an existing streetscape.

QTVR technology (360 interactive panoramas)


virtual prototyping

The precision, with which we work, is a result of our rigorous design training and comes into its own when modelling and constructing virtual prototypes; where the client relies on your visualisation to be accurate to the final product.

We have worked on several product-based projects over the last few years such as the various desk ranges and the on going work on the evolving pram designs and seasonal colour ways. These collaborations typically evolve over a period of months and years and our involvement is more than just copyists.

cad production

We can import most formats of cad data, and will consider working on anything from simple translation, to complex drawing packages. Our design backgrounds also ensure that projects will be much more than just a technically competent exercise.